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About us

When I started Women's Intimate Solutions five and a half years ago, I could only hope that women would want our products for vaginal dryness!  It makes me so glad and grateful to know that our wonderful herbal products are helping women in more than 40 states, Australia and England.

I began Women's Intimate Solutions after I went through early menopause and then a round of breast cancer - what a bummer - no more hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because the estrogen in it would feed any possibly remaining cancer cells. 

I knew I would not feel quite so girly, but then I found that intercourse was really painful because my vaginal tissue had just dried up! OUCH, even bigger bummer! I thought my intimate life was over forever.  I knew I did not want to live without the closeness and comfort of intimacy, so I went hunting for information, just like you are doing now. 

I discovered that although vaginal dryness was a very common problem, there just were not all natural, herbal products easily available. I finally found Vaginal Dryness Moisturizing Oil and Yoni Cream and was a happy lover again. Then, I found and reformulated Rebecca's Soothing Salve and several herbal tinctures which helped me feel SO much better I decided to start a businessand help others.  A friend told me about Sylk, a water based lubricant for people who use condoms.  I have also added an organic certified lubricant called Sinclair Select. 

And, a soothing easy to apply radiation treatment recovery cream which people love has been developed and added!  There is no tugging at sensitive skin and there is instant relief from pain.

Many people are shy, but we don't have give up a wonderful part of life because of it!   I hope you like my products and that they give you the comfort we all deserve.

Best wishes for good health and happy loving,